December 31

2014: Best Year Ever


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Thank you for making 2014 the best year ever for Walla Interior Painting and our sister company, Walla Lawn Care. The economy definitely has turned around since the 2008 crash, and God’s blessings run abundantly. We were able to add another employee for lawn care and TWO more employees for painting! Walla Interior Painting and Walla Lawn Care were busier in 2014 more than any other year. We would like to thank all our employees for truly caring about the work they do and letting their passion for great work show in everything they do. We would especially like to thank all our clients for trusting us with their homes and properties and supporting the Walla Family and all the families of our employees. Some of our clients we have helped for close to ten years, and we look forward to continuing great work for them while welcoming each new client.

May you be blessed as much as we were last year. We are excited about what 2015 will bring for us.



Jonathan Walla (Owner, Walla Inteior Painting and Walla Lawn Care)


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