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3 Ways Freshly Painted Cabinets Transform Your Kitchen


Kitchen renovations can be a long and expensive task. You’ll have to hire a contractor, rip out old floors, and change the layout, among other projects.

A big expense included in remodeling a kitchen is replacing the cabinets. If your current kitchen works well but looks outdated, consider updating it by painting the kitchen cabinets for a lot less.

Change Your Kitchen for the Better

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a simple and cost-effective way to give your kitchen a fresh appearance. Painting cabinets yourself can be tricky and a lot of effort.  Hiring a professional cabinet painter to take care of the work for you will save you valuable time and you’ll have much better results.

painted kitchen cabinets

Freshly painted cabinets can change your kitchen for the better.  Here are just a few benefits you’ll derive from the project.

1. Updated Look

Choosing to paint cabinets versus getting new ones enables you to be more creative and save money.  Cabinets take up the most space in a kitchen, so giving them a fresh coat of paint can make the entire kitchen look different and new. You can choose your theme or style whether it be modern, farmhouse, or traditional.

As cabinets tend to take up more space in the kitchen, including overall wall space, everything should tie into your main color theme when you are finished. Consider that cabinets get a lot of use and will need to be cleaned. A professional cabinet painter will know what kind of paint and finish to use to facilitate that effort.

2. Make the Room Look Bigger

When your room is small, the last thing that you want is to make it appear even smaller. Unfortunately, that's the exact effect that dark walls or cabinets can have.

Light colors, on the other hand, can open up your space. White is a classic choice for small kitchens. A nice, bright white has a reflective quality that will help fill your room with light.

Put a coat of white or cream paint on cabinets to instantly make your kitchen appear bigger and brighter. If you want color in your kitchen, stick with pastels or a pale neutral. A soft gray is a reliable shade.

Whatever color you choose, keep the trim and the walls the same shade. This will make the walls appear higher and larger.

3. Personalize It

Painted cabinets can fit within any home decor and allow a high level of personalization to be incorporated into the design. You can further enhance your kitchen with glazed, pinstriped, and distressed finishes.

Custom finish options allow an artistic touch to be added to your kitchen. You’ll get to create a unique design element for your home, making your kitchen the focal point and the space to be in.

Get Creative with Paint Color

If you plan on staying in your home for a while, you can take a risk with your kitchen cabinet colors. There are ways to paint your cabinets to liven up your kitchen and get a unique look.

  • Choose A Bold or Bright Paint Color - To instantly change the look of your kitchen, consider painting the front doors of your cabinets a bold shade that complements the other colors in the room.
  • Make the Cabinet Backs Pop - If you have glass-front cabinets or like the open-shelving concept, an easy way to add a pop of color is to paint the back panels of the cabinets. Your dishes or spices will now have a colorful backdrop.
  • Use Color Inside the Drawers - If you’re not ready to paint all of your kitchen cabinets, opt for an idea that requires less work. Painting the inside of your drawers gives you the option of using color or even a pattern. You can play around with paint selection and come up with a decor idea for the entire kitchen that can be implemented later on.

  • Tuxedo Cabinets - One of the most well-loved kitchen trends is the two-tone cabinets. It’s the perfect way to incorporate two coordinating colors, as well as create a balance between a neutral and brighter hue.
  • Paint the Drawer-Sides - Another low-risk way to add color to your cabinets is to paint just the sides of the drawers in a bold shade. You won’t have to see the brown wood every time you reach for something in the drawer.

Trusted Cabinet Painting Professionals

Give your kitchen a makeover without the expensive price tag of replacing the cabinets. Let Walla Painting transform your space by painting the cabinets instead for a whole lot less.

Our experienced team uses a microfiber roller, not a sprayer, so there is less mess and disruption. We’ll have your kitchen looking new in no time. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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