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4 Reasons Why House Painting Helps Sell a Home


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First impressions do matter. Most people form an opinion about something within the first 15 seconds of seeing it. When potential home buyers walk up to a home, the exterior of the home will be examined first. The window frames, front door, and landscaping should appear well-maintained when selling a home.

Upon entering the home, the potential buyers will immediately notice the appearance. If there is chipped paint on the walls, or the colors are dated or too extreme, they get a negative impression.

Potential buyers should walk up and feel confident that this home was well taken care of just by looking at its appearance. The condition of the paint on the exterior and interior of a home can make a lasting impression, good or bad. Yes, painting a home before putting it on the market is a good decision.

Prepare a Home to Sell with a New Coat of Paint

new coat of paint

Improving the presentation of a home is crucial to selling it for the asking price. A new paint job is needed to give a home a newer appearance to prevent it from sitting for months. Don't forget to paint the trim, molding, and outdated cabinets.

Here are four great reasons to paint a home before putting it on the market:

1. A Newer Look

The rooms in a home can be transformed by painting the walls. A fresh coat of paint in the master bedroom, kitchen, or entryway can give these spaces a brand new feel and look.

Other details matter too. If kitchen cabinets are outdated, scratched or dirty, getting them painted can make them look brand-new. Repainting costs much less than replacing them!

2. Visualize the Future

The personal tastes of prospective buyers vary greatly. It’s a good idea to give a home a blank canvas so that potential homebuyers visualize how it would look with their own decorating ideas that reflect their personality. Walls painted a neutral shade gives buyers the chance to visualize how their furniture would look and how they would live in the home.

Colors such as beige, gray, or ivory can open up smaller rooms to make them look larger. A fresh coat of paint can rid the walls of dirt marks or scratches to ensure potential buyers don’t sense larger issues lurking below the surface.

Getting rid of wallpaper will help with presenting buyers with a blank canvas. It makes a house feel outdated. Besides, removing wallpaper is no easy task. New homeowners do not want to spend the first few weeks stripping paper off the walls.

3. Easier to Stage

If a realtor is being used to help sell a home, oftentimes they will stage the home. With a new paint color that coordinates well with a variety of decor, staging is much simpler. The home will look its best with newly arranged furnishings and fresh paint on the walls, trim, and ceilings.

4. Get the Asking Price and Sell Fast

Putting a home up for sale involves updating the landscaping or cleaning out the clutter to make a great impression on potential buyers. Buyers look for certain features in a house, such as the size of the bedrooms, the location, or the layout of the kitchen. Painting the exterior and interior of a house could be the difference in getting the fair market value or watching potential buyers walk away.

If a buyer seems to believe that a house has been badly maintained due to its lack of curb appeal, it may not get any offers for a while. Catch their attention quickly with a clean, freshly painted home.

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