November 13

5 House Painting Ideas for the Holidays


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The holidays are not just about celebrations and food. They are also a time when you put up festive decorations that help change the mood of your home.

Decor ideas are not limited to wreaths, lights, and candles. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is also a good way to get your home ready for guests and holiday festivities.  Whether you need to freshen the guest bedrooms or dining room, or would like a new color in the kitchen, a quality paint finish will do the job.

A new look inside your home will make the holidays even more special. Gift yourself a home renovation that will not only liven up your home but also induce cheerful new energy that radiates throughout your home, making it the perfect space to celebrate the holidays.

Holiday Painting Trends and Tips

Retouching the walls with a fresh coat of paint will breathe new life into the interior of your home.  If you’re considering doing the job yourself, you may want to reconsider.

As the host of holiday gatherings, you will have enough to do with getting menus together, buying gifts, and preparing meals.  A professional paint job will be faster, more efficient, and a time-saver.

You don’t have to have the whole house painted to make an impact. Here’s a list of ideas and tips that will help get you started and potentially save you time.

1. Add A Festive Accent Wall

Adding fresh color to a single wall in your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, or living rooms is a great, quick, simple way to add a holiday aesthetic to the interior of your home. In many cases, if you have a uniform color palette in a room in your home, you can find a complementary color that will give that room a holiday feel without having to paint the entire room.

2. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets 

If you don’t choose to paint the walls of your kitchen or add an accent wall, painting your cabinets to add the accent is another quick way to give your interior a nice boost for the holidays. Again, using the wall and accent colors of your kitchen, it’s quite easy to find a festive complementary color for those cabinets and one that you’ll be happy with long-term.

3. Choose Warm Colors for Family or Guest Rooms

Try offsetting the reduced daylight and cooler weather by going with a full splash of warm colors around the interior of your home.

  • Winter White, Silver Gray, or Taupe. Creamy neutral paints can easily brighten your home and serve as a beautiful backdrop for your holiday tree, silver or gold decorations, and even pinecones. Neutral colors work great when it comes to giving your home a bright look, while contrasting with the festive decorations.
  • Yellow or Beige. Warm shades of these colors on your wall or trim will complement your holiday decorations. They also serve as excellent spring and summer colors.
  • Greens and Reds. Greens and reds are traditional holiday colors for many households. They can look just as beautiful as any other colors in a warm shade. They can continue to make your home look beautiful even after the holiday season has ended as long as you choose the right hues.
4. Keep Your Other Decorations in Mind When Choosing Color Palettes

If you’re prepping for the holidays, you’ll be using decorations in specific rooms to cheer up that space. Keep the colors and shapes of your decorations in mind when choosing your holiday color palette. This will ensure that your overall aesthetic stays nice and harmonized with your interior room colors.

5. Paint Only What Matters

Time is of the essence, especially during the holidays. You will have to deal with the decorations and other festivities. Don’t waste time painting your entire home for the holidays. Only paint the most important rooms. For example, if you are expecting guests, choose to paint your kitchen, bathrooms, and guest rooms.

Need Professional Painting Now?

Walla Painting specializes in interior painting and is glad to freshen up your home for the holiday season. However, you’ll need to get on the books quickly. If you schedule your holiday painting now, your home will be ready in time to bring in the holiday spirits.

Wall Painting provides professional cabinet and trim painting services as well. Sometimes, painting just the trim in your house can make a world of difference.  And painted cabinets can make your kitchen look brand-new. So, you don’t need to have the whole room painted to brighten up the interior.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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