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6 Tips for Painting a High Ceiling


A room with high ceilings can look quite dull and unfinished if not properly addressed.  The ceiling doesn’t get the same attention as the walls. Nevertheless, the ceiling is just like another wall; consider it the top wall. Just as you should refresh your walls with new paint from time to time, you should not neglect your ceiling. 

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Painting a High Ceiling

When you paint a ceiling, it has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of the space. Here are a few painting tips to take into consideration when painting your high ceilings.

1. Clear Out the Room

The best way to avoid messes and protect valuables when painting your ceiling is by getting everything possible out of the room. It will make the job much more efficient as you’ll be able to move around the room with ease. If you can’t move the items into another room, try moving them to the middle of the room.

2. Use Good Drop Cloths 

Painting the ceiling can create some extra drips. Gravity doesn’t give you any breaks when painting your ceiling. Although dripping paint is inevitable, containing and managing it is possible with good drop cloths. Anything under your ceiling should be protected with a good drop cloth that is heavy and effective at keeping paint off of your furniture and floors.

3. Use a Sturdy, Quality Ladder 

If you have high ceilings you may need to use a ladder while painting your ceiling. Some say scaffolding is better, but that should be left to the professionals. Scaffolding is heavy, hard to assemble, and hard to move. For ease of use, a good ladder will do.

4. Use an Extension Handle for Your Paint Roller

If you don’t have access to a ladder, or you just need a few extra feet, get an extending handle for your paint roller. Make sure to get the right size; otherwise, you’re going to have a really difficult time painting your ceiling. An extension will make the job simpler, easier on your body, and help you produce a more consistent result.

With a paint extension pole you can step back away from the wall and paint the entire height of the wall without bending or reaching. It keeps your body upright and helps you maintain good posture.  The weight and motion of the roller are maintained within the core strength of your body. You can also maintain more control over the pressure you exert on the roller, minimizing paint drips and roller marks.

5. Choose the Right Paint Colors

If you paint your ceiling a lighter paint color than the walls, your room appears larger and taller. A darker color on the ceiling will make the space feel cozier, and more comfortable and compact. In rooms with a tall ceiling, it may be preferable to use a darker color on the ceiling.

One option for painting your ceiling is to use a lighter or darker shade of the same color on your walls. Another idea is to use a bright or bold color to match with those used in the decor in the room, such as a piece of artwork or throw pillows.

6. Add Trim with a High Ceiling

Adding trim around the perimeter of the room, below the crown molding, offers another place to use color with your high ceiling. If you paint the trim and crown molding white, they set off your wall and ceiling colors nicely.

Another idea for using trim to increase your color options is to put a simple border of trim on the ceiling, following the perimeter of the room. This gives you two separate spaces to paint on your ceiling. The outer portion that is closer to the walls can be painted the same color as the walls, while the inner portion is painted white, or a separate color.

Expert Painting Professionals

Painting high ceilings can be a challenging project for a novice who doesn’t have the tools or expertise to do it right. It can be downright messy and even risky. When you’re looking up at the ceiling, it’s easy to slip on paint spills.

Instead of taking on the project yourself, why not trust it to the professionals at Walla Painting? We have the tools and know-how to best paint ceilings with minimal mess and high-quality results. We can give you tips on colors and unique ways of making your room your own.

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