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7 Tips for Painting a Small Bathroom

If your bathroom feels small and cramped, you don’t have to invest in an expensive remodel. Simple techniques like utilizing mirrors, improving the lighting, and updating the paint can make a small space feel more spacious. Painting is the quickest and most cost-effective way to update a small bathroom.

How to Use Paint in a Small Bathroom Space

When you have a small or dark bathroom, you need to be clever with using paint. In general, very light shades of any color will brighten and enlarge a space. Different paint colors have an impact on how people feel, so select one that matches the mood you want to create. Choose a paint color with a higher LRV (light reflective value) and follow these tips to make any bathroom appear more spacious.

1. Go All-White

White is associated with purity and cleanliness, making it a natural choice for bathrooms. An all-white bathroom design never goes out of style. They also have the advantage of making the room look bigger as white reflects more light than any other color. As most bathroom fixtures tend to be white, this creates a more seamless, unbroken look through the space. 

Neutral Color Scheme

2. Choose a Neutral Color Scheme

Like white, neutrals reflect light and create a sense of openness in small spaces. Light beiges, taupes, and grays create a calm and serene mood in any size bathroom. 

Modern bathroom interior.

3. Blues and Greens are Relaxing

Blue is associated with water making it a perennial color choice for bathrooms. Spas frequently use blue and green color schemes because both evoke a sense of nature and relaxation. Homeowners can select a pale blue or light green color palette to create a spa-like feeling at home.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Dark Colors

Dark colors don’t necessarily make rooms look smaller; they just make them look darker. If you don’t want to try a bold or dark color in your main bathroom, a guest powder room is an excellent place to experiment. Since there is less wall space, a deep tone won't overwhelm the senses as it could in a larger bathroom. Mirrors, lighting, and fixtures can make dark blues, grays, and even black pop in a small space. 

5. Choose the Right Paint Finish

Because bathrooms are exposed to moisture and need frequent cleaning, avoid flat finishes. A satin or semi-gloss finish is easier to clean than a matte or eggshell finish. Satin is more durable and glossier than eggshell without being too shiny. You can use a satin finish on the walls, doors, and trim. 

6. Blend the Tile and Wall Colors

When you want a room to look larger, it’s important to create the illusion that there are no boundaries. If your bathroom tile doesn’t go up to the ceiling, paint the rest of the wall space the same color as the tiles. Keeping everything the same color eliminates dividing lines and makes even the smallest room appear larger. 

7. Paint the Ceiling the Same Color

Consider painting the walls and ceiling the same color. One consistent wall color draws the eyes up, creating the illusion of a larger space and higher ceilings. If the room is asymmetrical or has an angled ceiling, continuing the wall color on the ceiling helps unify the space and eliminate dividing lines. 

Other Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Hang a Large Mirror

Mirrors help create more space by reflecting light in the room. Installing an oversized mirror makes a small bathroom look more spacious. If you have a window in the bathroom and can place a mirror across from it, you’ll magnify the light and make the room appear even more spacious.

Embrace Natural Light

Natural light can make even the tiniest bathroom feel more spacious and open. If your bathroom has a window, keeping it clean and clear will make the room feel larger. A translucent window covering will allow more light to enter while protecting your privacy. 

Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

For bathrooms without windows, light fixtures become even more critical. Ensure your bathroom has enough light fixtures - one small fixture over the sink may not be sufficient. Consider replacing old light fixtures with LED lighting, which is brighter and more energy-efficient.

Clear the Clutter and Get Creative with Storage

Too many decorations and accessories can overwhelm a small space. Keep the vanity area clean and uncluttered. One of the most significant disadvantages of a small bathroom is the lack of storage. Recessing a cabinet creates storage without protruding into the room. If a recessed cabinet isn’t an option, Ikea has numerous storage options that don’t take up a lot of space.

Let the Professional House Painters Help

Painting a room is an inexpensive way to freshen it up or give it a whole new look. Painting a bathroom can be trickier than painting other rooms in your home. Maneuvering around mirrors, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets takes more agility and skill than painting a blank wall. And choosing the right paint color and finish is a must. A professional house painter can help you transform a small bathroom in a short amount of time.

Walla Painting is a locally owned business that specializes in residential painting. Our fully insured, bonded, and skilled painters can handle any project. We are proud to have received Angie’s List Super Service Award 10 years in a row for our customer service and detailed workmanship.

We serve Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Noblesville, Fishers, and McCordville homeowners. We offer residential interior and exterior painting and cabinet and trim painting. Contact us online or at (317) 505-0894 for a free estimate.

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