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Top 8 Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Exterior


Giving your home a fresh coat of exterior paint can dazzle while dramatically boosting its curb appeal and overall personality. However, painting your home’s exterior has several other benefits.  Some of these benefits make practical sense, but there are others that you may not have considered. 

1. Increase Home Value 

Let’s face it: your house is likely one of your biggest assets. Painting the exterior of your house can result in a 2-5% increase in your home value. 

That’s key when you are looking to sell your house, as a fresh paint job can help you get more money for your property, attract the right buyer, and sell it faster with more offers. 

2. Improved Curb Appeal

Of course, painting your home’s exterior isn’t only beneficial for those looking to sell. A fresh coat of paint can completely revitalize your property and give it a stunning finish that makes it look brand new. 

As we’ll point out later, there are several practical reasons to paint your house as well (protection from weather and moisture), but boosting your curb appeal in the process makes for a great added benefit. 

3. Personalize Your Home 

Painting your house gives you the ability to personalize your home to reflect your unique style and preferences. Of course, this needs to be somewhat within reason, especially if there’s a chance you could sell it in the next 5-10 years – keep in mind that specific colors don’t sell as well. 

Still, you can create unique combinations with exterior paint even when using neutral colors, which are typically preferred in neighborhood associations and for resale purposes. 

4. Protects Against Weather

No matter the season, solid exterior paint will protect your home from harsh conditions and extreme weather like rain, snow, hail, and strong winds. 

This protective layer acts as a barrier to moisture so it doesn’t seep into your home’s exterior and cause problems over time. For this reason, applying exterior paint properly and thoroughly is paramount for full coverage over the years. 

5. Protects Against Sun 

Most people understand that storms and harsh weather conditions can take a toll on your home’s exterior. However, the sun can be just as damaging to your home. UV rays will wear down your home’s exterior over time, and the right paint protects against that. 

Also, most people don’t realize that exterior paint has an expiration date – and higher quality paints tend to last longer. If the expiration date is up, there’s a chance the sun could penetrate through the paint and impact the exterior of your house. 

6. Keep Pests Away

Certain paints contain ingredients that keep pests (such as termites and others) away. This is key because if left unchecked, termites can damage your home and cause expensive damage. 

Exterior paint and stains can act as a protective barrier to make sure termites aren’t harming your property. Note that you will still want to have your home regularly inspected for termites, but the right paint will help give you peace of mind for your home’s exterior. 

7. Save on Repairs

As you can see, all the benefits above add to the fact that they will save you repairs in the long run. Painting your house’s exterior protects you against the weather, moisture, pests, and the sun. 

This will save you on repairs down the road, as you won’t have to worry as much about replacing siding or patching certain areas due to moisture, weather, or termites. 

8. Energy Efficiency 

As mentioned earlier, exterior paint helps protect your house against UV rays. Some paints even reflect the sun off your house, which helps with energy efficiency and keeps your house cooler in the summer by not absorbing the heat. 

How to Know When to Paint Your Home’s Exterior? 

If you notice that your paint is peeling, cracking, or fading, that is usually a sign that your house is past due for fresh exterior paint. Also, giving your house a fresh paint job might be a wise idea if you are looking to sell and haven’t painted in the last 5-10 years. 

On top of that, if you are looking for a new color scheme or want to do a makeover, and it’s been close to a decade since your last paint job, that could be your sign to make the change. 

How Many Years Does Exterior House Paint Last? 

It depends on the type, but most exterior house paints last 5-10 years. Some premium paints last much longer, and there are instances when you will typically need to repaint sooner due to your overall climate or extreme weather events. 

Is There a Wrong Way to Paint Your House’s Exterior? 

Several things can contribute to a suboptimal exterior paint job. These include improper surface preparation, not applying the right primers and types of paints, and failing to apply a thorough finish. These crucial elements could lead to moisture or sun damage or cause an overall unpleasant exterior paint job. 

When Is the Best Time to Apply Exterior Paint? 

Exterior painting can be difficult when it’s very hot, or the surface is in direct sunlight. For this reason, painting in the morning or with overcast skies is usually the best time to get started. 

Professional painters can work around this by painting strategically or using special equipment to make sure the finish is applied smoothly. 

What Months Are Best to Paint Outside? 

As mentioned before, painting in extreme heat and direct sunlight is more difficult. For these reasons, the best time for exterior painting is in the spring and fall—when it’s still warm enough to be pleasant but not overbearingly hot. It’s still possible to paint in colder and warmer conditions, but spring and fall are the ideal months.


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