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8 Designer Tips to Help You Choose Paint Colors


Picking out the perfect shade of paint to use inside your home can feel like an intimidating and overwhelming challenge. There are limitless color options to choose from. Homeowners need to consider factors such as natural light, size of the room, decor, and permanent design features before committing to new paint color.

Take It from the Design Experts

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Choosing paint colors for your home is personal. There are steps you can take to make the process feel more manageable and less overwhelming. According to professional interior designers, homeowners can use the following tips to choose the perfect paint colors for their home.

1. Guest Appeal

A question you should ask yourself when picking out a new shade of paint for a room is “How do I want guests to feel?” Your guest bedroom should exude peace and serenity. The family room colors might be more energetic. Depending on the emotions you want to elicit from guests, your color choice will impact that feeling.

2. Research

Do some research to figure out what color family you want for your paint color. You can look at design magazines, model homes, Pinterest, or Houzz to get a general idea of what you like.  Certain shades of the same color can have different effects.

3. Paint Samples

Visit a paint store or hardware store to select free paint color chips. There are several shades available in each color family, so be sure to take as many as possible to see which will work best in your home.

Check out the different brands of paint and compare shades of paint colors.  Take them home and see how these colors will look with your existing decor. Keep in mind that the lighting in the paint store is very different from the lighting in your home, so don’t trust your choices until you see them there.

Once you are home, attach the paint samples to your wall and stand back at least 5 feet to look at them. Move the paint samples to different walls in your home to see them in a different light. Lighting in your home emits different colors at different times of the day. Daylight can reflect a different color than evening light, as cam the artificial light fixtures in your home.

Return to view the paint colors on your wall throughout the day. Continue to eliminate the ones you do not like until you are left with the perfect paint color for your home.

4. Test before Deciding

If you are having doubts about the paint color you have selected, buy a small paint tester can of paint. Paint testers are inexpensive and can help relieve the stress of picking a paint color. Apply the paint to your walls with a foam brush and analyze the color for at least 24 hours. Make sure you view the paint after it dries before deciding, as it will look different than when it’s wet.

5. Consider Existing Colors 

Look around the room you want to paint and take note of colors that are already in the space. Consider the pieces of furniture and décor that are staying in the room. The color you choose should fit with the existing color scheme. Don’t forget to consider features like wood paneling and flooring when picking a new paint color.

6. Purpose of the Space

Will you spend time in a room working, relaxing, or entertaining?  The purpose of a room can help guide your choice of paint color.  Whether it be the kitchen or the master bedroom, the main purpose of the space can help you eliminate colors that would not work for that space.

7 Avoid Highly Saturated Colors

Avoid bright and highly saturated colors of any hue. If you like a saturated color, try using a toned-down version of it so it doesn’t overwhelm the space. You can also use them in smaller proportions, such as on an accent wall or window trim.

8. Try the Golden Ratio

You can use a basic guiding principle of interior design to help you choose paint colors for any room in your home. It’s called the golden ratio, or the 60/30/10 rule, of choosing color combinations for a room and the proportion of each color.

  • 60% of the primary color appears on most of the walls.
  • 30% of an accent color is used for a single wall or a signature piece of furniture.
  • 10% is for the accessories color used for décor items like throw pillows or the door trim.

Trusted House Painting Professionals

When you decide on the paint colors you want, call Walla Painting for an expert paint application. We have expertise in color choices, so we can advise you on the best shades for your purpose. Our dedicated painting professionals can make your home feel and look new again with a fresh coat of paint. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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