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8 Tips for Painting Kids’ Rooms

When painting kids' rooms, whether you’re preparing your first nursery, designing a playroom, or updating a growing child’s bedroom, it can be both exciting and challenging to create a space that both children and adults enjoy. 

Paint Their Rooms with Them in Mind

painting kids rooms

As children grow and their tastes change, your child’s room will need to evolve with them. Paint makes it easy to customize children’s furniture and walls and it also allows parents to repaint and update a child’s room with minimal expense.

Here are eight tips to consider when it’s time to paint your child’s room:

1. Choose Soothing Colors for a Nursery.

Paler colors tend to be more soothing for both young children and their parents. Pastel yellows, soft blues, pale greens, and warm pinks are all good options for nurseries. 

Choosing the right paint color can significantly increase a child’s ability to get a good night’s sleep. While it may be tempting to use bright colors in a child’s bedroom, they can be overstimulating and make it difficult for children to wind down at bedtime. 

2. Think About the Future.

Babies grow up quickly so choosing a color scheme that can grow up with your child is something to consider. Neutral paint colors like off-white, beige, and soft gray offer a grounding and comforting feel and are easy to accessorize. 

Rather than having to repaint in a couple of years, consider sticking with a neutral paint color on three walls and having one wall with a fun paint color or mural. This option means that when you and your child are ready for a change, you only need to repaint one wall.

3. Consider the Mood You Want to Set.

Findings from a study conducted by the University of California found that younger children respond more positively to lighter colors while darker shades tend to have a negative association. Color psychologists recommend painting a child’s bedroom with a calm color palette to help prevent overstimulation and promote sound sleep. A child’s playroom is a good place to use brighter and bolder color options. 

4. Talk to Your Child.

If your child is old enough to express an opinion, ask them what colors they like best. For toddlers and younger children, pick 4-5 paint chips to bring home and let them choose their favorite. 

Older children will likely want more input into the decision. That doesn’t mean you have to paint all four walls fire engine red if that’s their favorite color! Incorporating bright accent colors or painting an accent wall are good ways to honor their requests without ending up with an overstimulating space.

5. Play Up Similar Tones.

If you want your children’s rooms to flow with the rest of your home, play off the tones of colors that are predominantly featured. For example, if you use different shades of green in your home, opt for a kid’s bedroom color in a variant shade of green. If you want an eye-catching color that won’t disrupt the overall color scheme of your home, blue works with almost any decor. A soft shade of blue feels youthful while also creating a sense of calm at bedtime.

6. Choose the Right Paint Finish.

Children’s bedrooms receive a lot of wear and tear which can quickly lead to dings, smudges, and scuff marks on painted surfaces. Choosing durable and washable paint finishes for a child’s bedroom or playroom is best. Selecting a scrubbable finish - either satin or eggshell for the walls and semigloss for the trim - means fewer touch-ups and a longer-lasting paint job.

7. Use Chalkboard Paint.

If your child’s bedroom doubles as a study or play area, chalkboard paint allows you to transform part of a wall or the area above a desk into a space for art projects, homework reminders, and message centers. There are a variety of chalkboard paint colors to choose from that complement the decor of almost any room.

8. Protect Your Child’s Health.

Regular paint products release low-level toxic emissions (volatile organic compounds or VOC) into the air which can cause negative health effects. Choose a low- or zero-VOC paint to ensure your child’s safety. No matter what type of paint is used, it’s always important to thoroughly ventilate and allow the paint to dry completely before your child moves back in.

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