February 1

Angie’s List Award Winners 2015


We did it again. For 2015 we won the 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award. This is the third year in a row that WALLA PAINTING has won the award. If you count the 5 awards that our sister company Walla Lawn Care has won, we have won 8 Angie’s List awards in the last 6 years. Eight awards in 6 straight years!!! Winning the award even for a single year is difficult to do, as they only give this award to the top 5% of companies in each industry for the year.

I would like to personally thank Ray and Rich the managers of our two companies. Ray manages our company Walla Lawn Care that I started when I was 13, right before high school. The company now mows 200 lawns a week and offers landsaping. Rich manages our company WALLA PAINTING, which supports the families of 7 dedicated full-time professional painters. WALLA PAINTING has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years, largely due to the quality that Rich and the other painters strive for. All of our workers between the two companies care passionately about the work and quality we provide.

Also, thanks again to all our loyal clients, some of which we have been servicing for over 10 years. We wouldn’t have work to do our awards to show for it without you. Thank you!!!


2015 AL award


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