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Beautifying Your Home for the Holidays


painting for the holidays

Nothing changes the appearance of a home’s interior faster and more effectively than a fresh coat of paint. Giving your home a new appearance during the holidays can help lift your spirits and that of your guests.

With a new paint job comes the opportunity to select colors that are in style as well as make your home feel bigger, brighter and more modern.

Holiday Color Scheme

Painting the interior of your home for the holidays can give it a fresh look and feel. When guests arrive, you want them to feel cozy and welcomed into your home. You also want them to notice the new holiday decor as well. Decorating is always an exciting part of the holidays.

”One way to make your holiday fun is when the decorations come out, and there is no better way to add to the excitement than when you have fresh newly painted walls or trim,” says Jonathan Walla, Owner of Walla Painting. “Adding your beautiful decorations with new colors can help add a special feeling of warmth to share with your family and friends.”

When purchasing new holiday decorations, you want to be sure that you select a color scheme that meshes well with your existing decor, the style of your room and the paint color.

gray interior walls
Gray Walls

Gray is the new neutral and there are dozens of shades of grey.  It helps other colors stand out.  You can decorate your home with greens along with yellow accents that complement the grey walls. Holiday decor can include garland, ornaments, and wreaths that will stand out against a gray background.

White Walls

If you choose to paint your walls white, you can dress them up with many accent colors. For a traditional feel, add hues of blues and silver.  There are many holiday decorations to choose from with this color scheme. The Christmas tree, dining table, entryway, can all be adorned with a blue and silver color combination.

For something unexpected, try aqua or Kelly green. This will give your home a pop of color that will get much attention.

Tan/Beige Walls

If your house colors consist primarily of beige neutrals, deck your halls with natural accents and  rustic accent pieces. Distressed whites also pair well with tan or beige neutral paint colors.  As for holiday decorations, use parchment twine, berry reds, and evergreen boughs to give your space a cozy feel that your family and friends will enjoy.

Dark Colored Walls

White decor always stands out against dark colored walls. Consider adding white Christmas lights to your stairways, tables, or wreaths. White frames can be hung on the walls in any room.  You can finish this color scheme with silver wreaths and accent colors of red and green.

painting other features of your home

Painting Other Features

You may not have the time to make sure your entire home is looking its best before guests arrive for the holidays. If you’re hosting this holiday season update your home by painting certain features within and outside of your home. They are less expensive and can be completed more quickly, but they can go a long way in improving the look.  

Paint the Front Door

Consider applying a fresh coat of paint to your front door. Your front door is the first impression that family and friends will have of your home. So make it a great one by painting it a bold color that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.  You can paint the outside a different color than the inside so that both complement the relevant color schemes

Accent Walls

If you want a quick change, opt for painting an accent wall in rooms where guests will gather. The dining room or guest bedrooms are areas where an accent wall will give these rooms a much-needed dose of color.

This offers a certain visual appeal to the room and still leaves the remaining walls open for other decorations or to be painted later.  Bold colors work well as focal points in a room. Try burgundy or a burnt orange as an accent wall, then apply gold decor pieces to complete the look.

Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

We know most people are very busy during the holiday season. Adding a painting project to your to-do list is the last thing you need to worry about.  At Walla Painting, we can take the stress off of you and provide you with a prompt and quality paint job that you’ll love. It won’t take long for us to complete your home just in time for the holidays. Give us a call for a free estimate. 


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