October 14

Bright and White

Bright and white is in. Off-whites and creams are a thing of the past. For many years ceilings, trim, and woodwork have been off-white and cream colors. But now, people are choosing bright white to lighten up any home and add an uplifting atmosphere. When repainting, bright white compared to off-white/cream colors looks cleaner and fresher.

This approach also works to convert wood stained trim, doors, and cabinets. Many homes built in the 80’s or before were made heavily with stained wood. Although it was popular back then, most people agree a lot of stained wood is now too dark for a home. Using the proper primer first, all stained wood can be painted bright white to dramatically lighten up a room or entire home. Painting stained wood is also a cheaper alternative to refinishing the stained wood.


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