Countertop Refinishing

Refinishing Your Countertops Is an Affordable Alternative to Replacement

Are your old kitchen countertops looking dull and worn? Are you looking for a unique finish or different color? Do you want the look that you get with high-end materials but don’t want to invest that much money?

Replacing your countertops with new ones can cost a pretty penny. It will cost even more if you wish to have the more expensive materials, like granite. Walla now has an affordable solution.

Multispec Multicolor Paint

Walla uses Multispec paint, made by Multicolor Specialties, Inc. for our countertop refinishing services. This product is unique in that it consists of randomly distributed flecks of paint that can replicate the look of granite, cork, leather and stone for your countertops.

Multispec paint is a superior and proven product with advantages over vinyl and latex paint. It provides exceptional durability and versatility at an affordable cost. There are no seams or peeling and it has superior camouflaging properties to disguise any existing flaws in the surface.

Countertop Refinishing Process

Just as with all painting projects, proper preparation, application, and tools are crucial to getting quality results. We follow a step-by-step process to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Step 1. Prep the area. We tape and cordon off all areas surrounding the countertops to protect them from paint. Since we use a professional HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) sprayer to apply primer and paint, we will enclose the area completely.

Step 2. Start with a clean surface. We lightly sand down the countertops to create a smooth surface, then thoroughly wash off any dust.

Step 3. Apply primer. Walla uses the HVLP sprayer to apply a universal primer to the countertops. This type of primer is specially made to ensure adhesion on slick or glossy surfaces. Only one medium coat is required and should be dry within an hour.

Step 4. Sand primed surface (optional). If necessary, we sand the surface again to ensure it is completely smooth.

Step 5. Apply paint. Again, we use the HVLP sprayer to apply the Multispec multi-color paint finish. Usually, two coats are required to ensure complete coverage and durability.

Step 6. Apply topcoat. We apply a clear acrylic topcoat specifically made for use with Multispec paint finishes. It seals the countertops, creating a surface that resists scuffs, scratches and damage from most household cleaning products.

After completing all six steps, allowing the recommended drying time between coats, we allow the countertop to dry thoroughly. Then we remove all barriers to the work area and do a thorough clean up.


The process is simple, it will only take a moment

Hiring a Professional Can Save You Headaches and Do-Overs

Refinishing your countertops is an economical way to get the aesthetic look of high-end surfaces without the expense. But it’s not a job that can be done well by an amateur.

Specific training in countertop refinishing is required to learn the proper procedures and techniques. Most do-it-yourselfers don’t have the experience and knowledge that professionals have using the tools and products properly. 

The technicians at Walla are all trained in the appropriate application of the countertop refinishing products. They will implement the proper procedures to ensure the finished product is high-quality and durable.

Why spend more when you can get the look of high-end countertops for a fraction of the cost? Contact Walla Painting today to get a free estimate on refinishing your countertops.

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