September 17

Exterior Front Door


The customer had fallen in love with a certain shade of yellow. She wanted to incorporate the new yellow into her outside landscape. She decided painting her exterior front door would be the perfect solution. 

She wanted to come home to a bright entrance that reflected her own style. She was tired of her entry not standing out from all the brown siding.

They had worked with Walla in the past and trusted the quality of their work. 

We removed some old cracked caulk. Resealed both frame, sidelights and transom with shrink proof and crack resistant caulk. We cleaned mildew from wood where insufficient caulk created a leak and a stain. We primed the entire entrance with an exterior pro bond for maximum adhesion. 

The customer drove up right upon completion. It was wonderful to see how delighted she was. “Oh it just makes me so happy!”


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