April 6

MARVEL vs DC Comics

10336838_725948064125778_3472767343843626820_nEveryone loves justice. We enjoy seeing good triumph over evil. Because of this, we are drawn to superheroes from the Justice League to the Avengers. We relate to these super heroes as they fight for their beliefs and try to make an impact in their community. Through them we let our imagination run wild and our desire for excitement be kindled. Using this theme, we were able to make an impact in the life of a 13 year old boy in Westfield, Indiana by giving his room a new interior painting makeover. Not only was this an interior painting makeover, but the overall theme of the room changed dramatically from baby blue walls and painted murals of sea animals into an action packed comic book theme.







We decided to start by sanding down the areas where the old murals were previously painted on a couple of the walls. After this, we applied a grey primer as a base coat over the mural areas and a single wall to be painted red. The primer helped to conceal the murals underneath so they did not appear through the new paint that was applied. It also helped the red paint on the single accent wall become more solid as it acts as a better base coat than white. You need to be careful with using white primers as white is very bright and very difficult to cover, thus defeating the purpose of using it for “better coverage”, since the white might show through your paint. Tinted primers, especially grey, offer far better coverage or “hiding” than white primers. After the red accent wall was completed with two coats of red over the grey primer and the murals were primed, we applied two coats of dark gray to the rest of the walls to mimic the MARVEL logo and theme.

1973405_725948520792399_6033283021966497219_o1Most of the work was completed in one day.  However, some of the murals showed through even with sanding, priming, and two coats of paint. The problem was not the color that was showing through but the raised edges of the mural paint that made the texture of the mural noticeable under our paint. Thus, we had to do even more sanding, priming, and painting over those areas where the murals were. If you are considering painting murals on your walls, make sure you want them for a long time, as they are very difficult to hide under new paint. After another visit, the project was completed with two more hours of work.

Thinking about painting one of your rooms and adding a creative twist? We would love to help your ideas come to life. Give us a call today at (317) 656-7045 or contact us through one of our contact forms on wallapainting.com.


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