Considered to be the #1 place to live in Hancock County, McCordsville, Indiana is a hidden jewel. Just 20 miles northeast of Indianapolis, McCordsville is easy to access by way of interstates or state roads. The town gets an A for its scores in housing, public schools, and family living. Surprisingly, the small town also offers enough restaurants, shopping, and nightlife that residents rarely need to leave the area. No wonder we love helping our neighbors make their homes the kind of oasis nobody wants to leave.

Why McCordsville Residents Love It Here

People living in McCordsville can enjoy every season throughout the year. Those who move away often find that they miss the changing seasons the most. Most people living in McCordsville own their own homes and benefit from the relatively low home prices and county taxes.

Because of the low prices and availability of homes, McCordsville is rated as being one of the top towns to buy a house in the area. Residents also enjoy a lower cost of living and plenty to do outside, including sports and group activities.

Does It Really Make Sense to Paint Your Own Home?

Despite how easy all those home improvement shows make it look, painting a house is a lot of work. When you factor in all the tools and equipment you need to do a really good job, it may not make sense to tackle this job yourself.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself before taking on a painting project.

  • Scared of heights? If you’ve got two stories, an older home with dormers windows, turrets, or other tall features, that’s a job best left to the pros. We’ve got the ladders and scaffolding needed to do the job safely.
  • Does your house need extensive preparation? If you’ve got peeling paint or drywall, rot, mildew or “alligatoring” on the exterior of your home, you’ll probably spend even more time prepping the surface than actually rolling paint. It’s not nearly as much fun as it sounds like.
  • When was the last time your walls had a thorough cleaning? While you probably don’t want to use a power washer indoors, you could rent one to take care of the outside. On the inside of your house, you’ll need to use a scrub brush and some elbow grease to get the surface ready.
  • Who’s got the time or energy to paint? Well, we do. But for most of our customers, by the time they work all week and run all weekend, there’s no time left for painting. For busy families, it makes more sense to hire the pros for this job, don’t you think?


The process is simple, it will only take a moment

Hire a Professional Who Hires Local

At Walla Painting we make sure to help our clients personalize their homes. As a small locally owned business, Walla Painting only hires local workers and respects the people who live in our area.

Our detailed workmanship and close attention to customer needs helped us win the Angie's List Super Service Award seven years in a row. If you are thinking about updating your home, or if you just want to talk about your options, click or call us today for a free paint consultation and quote.

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