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Painting or refinishing your existing cabinets is a cost-effective way to give your Carmel home an updated look. It’s also a remodeling solution that makes the renovation process move much quicker and with less disruption since you don’t have to worry about removing all the cabinets.

At Walla Painting, we’ll work with you to help create the perfect look for your kitchen. We take great pride in the work and service we provide for the Carmel community. A quality finish and exceeding expectations are Walla’s top priorities. Our full-time painters are skilled at what they do. We know how to make cabinets look new again and give your family a space to enjoy again.

Transforming Your Space with Beautiful Cabinets 

Professional painters know all the industry tricks that make painting complex surfaces easy. It’s no difference for the painters at Walla Painting. Our knowledgeable team will ensure your cabinet project is a success. Our process begins with the proper prep work. That includes cleaning, sanding, and repairing the cabinets for better paint adherence.

Along with using quality materials and applying the right techniques, your newly painted cabinets will last for years. Many Carmel homeowners have found the cost of painting cabinets is far more affordable than replacing them. All you need is new paint, updated hardware, and an experienced painter from Walla Painting.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Painting 

You may not think a simple coat of paint can make such a difference in your kitchen. You’ll be amazed at the dramatic change you’ll get from newly painted kitchen cabinets. Carmel homeowners can go from dated natural oak cabinets to modern white or gray cabinets.

Cabinets often feature intricate surface carvings, which can be challenging to paint. Don’t worry; Walla Painting can handle any type of detail on any surface. 

Remodeling can get very expensive very quickly. It can also take a bit longer than expected, which can be inconvenient for your household. Cabinet painting and refinishing is an alternative way to give your Carmel kitchen a completely new look without all the hassle. There are many benefits to choosing cabinet painting over a full-scale renovation:

  • Much faster than demolishing old cabinets and installing new ones
  • More affordable than installing new cabinets
  • Allows you to keep the same layout as your existing cabinets
  • An eco-friendly option—avoid throwing out perfectly good materials just for a new color

Cabinet painting isn’t just for kitchens. We can also help you refresh the look of your bathroom cabinets. We can transform other rooms in your home as well by refinishing or painting closet doors, built-in bookcases, and other cupboards.


The process is simple, it will only take a moment

Guaranteed Quality in Carmel

The commitment and detail in the work that Walla Painting provides stand out from other painting companies.  Our experienced team will go to great lengths to give you the look you want.

For all our customers in Carmel, complete satisfaction in a job well done, and a quality long-lasting finish is what you get every time. If you’re ready to transform your home, contact us today for a free estimate.

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