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8 Benefits of Hiring Walla Painting for Your Home In The Winter Season


8 Reasons Why House Painting in the Winter Is a Good Decision

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Most homeowners do not want to deal with home improvement projects until the spring or summer months. With colder temperatures and possibilities of snow, it’s convenient to wait until the spring to complete these tasks.

There are home improvement projects where winter is the best season to get a home in shape. One of those projects is updating it with a fresh coat of paint. There are several advantages for a homeowner to do so.

1. Save Money

Getting that paint job done now can save some money. In the warmer seasons, Walla Painting is typically booked and schedules projects weeks ahead due to the high demand. Prices are very competitive in the spring months. Painting projects tend to slow down during the winter months. 

Having your home painted during the slow season means saving some cash on the project. Walla Painting offers special discounts during the winter. The result is a great deal during this time which can have a positive impact on a budget.  Use the extra savings for holiday gifts or another home improvement project.

2. Flexibility

The winter season is considered the slow season for painters. During this time, Walla Painting has more flexibility with projects.  It allows them to adjust to their clients’ busy work or vacation schedule. That means painting services can begin while homeowners are away in meetings or with family. Walla painters can better meet the timeline that works best for their customers.

Walla’s schedule will get heavier as spring approaches and remain so through autumn. Their availability may not coincide with those desired by their customers. Wintertime opens the calendar and even allows Walla to add painters to the projects if necessary. 

3. Maximize Home Value for Spring

The peak time to put a home on the market is in the springtime. New paint colors can help enhance the appearance to attract potential buyers. Choosing to paint that home in the wintertime will help you gain an advantage over your competition in the spring. There won’t be a mad rush to get it painted before going to market.

4. Quicker Turnaround

Another great benefit of painting during the winter season is faster project completion. There’s less competition in scheduling around other customers than during the spring and summer months when Walla painters are super busy. With more manpower available to contribute to the painting project, it can get done before the contractual deadline. 

Painters won’t need to rush through the project to get to the next one. This allows them more time to ensure all steps are taken to deliver a quality finish. The painting project will take less time when more attention and resources are assigned to it.  

5. Longer Days Available

Winter brings an early sunrise which means Walla painters can start the job earlier. They can even stay longer for interior paint jobs. This could mean a faster project completion without less interruptions.  

6. Faster Drying Paint

Warm weather usually brings more humidity, which can slow down the paint’s drying process. Winter weather, however, is cold and crisp, allowing for your paint to dry quicker.

7. No Fumes

With the introduction of low and zero VOC paints, the fumes are hardly noticeable in a closed environment. There is no danger of noxious fumes endangering either the workers or residents.

8. Painter for a Day

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Typically, Walla painters are too busy with other painting projects to offer this Painter for a Day service. But in the winter, they have more availability and can come into a home and complete smaller projects like touch-ups, trim work or other smaller projects.

Walla Painting

Angies list super service award

Walla Painting is an award-winning professional painting service that specializes in residential home painting. Walla Painting has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award nine years in a row, from 2010-2018 and expects it again for 2019. This small local business provides quality finishes for Indiana homeowners in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, Zionsville, McCordville and other local cities and towns. They make it a priority to provide each customer with a comfortable experience.


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