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Walla Painting Explains Common Commercial Painting Mistakes


Commercial painting projects are usually complex and more complicated than residential projects, which makes it discouraging for small business owners. 

In this article, Walla Painting, a leading painting contractor in Indianapolis,  explained common commercial painting mistakes that business owners make and how to avoid them. 

5 Common Commercial Painting Mistakes

Many people think commercial painting is the same as residential painting, but this is not true, and having such a mindset can make your project more complicated. Other common mistakes to avoid in your commercial painting are:

1. Not Hiring an Estimator

Most businesses think hiring an estimator is unnecessary, but it is not. An estimator will assess your project and help you understand the amount it’ll cost, the materials it’ll require, and the necessary repairs and replacements you need to make.

2. Ignoring Repairs and Renovations

In order to cut costs, some businesses paint on their walls without doing necessary repairs and filling up leaks, which might lead to poor results. If your wall has recently suffered fire or water damage or has many holes and cracks, you should work with a restoration company to work on it before repainting to achieve a perfect finish.

3. Using the Wrong Paint Type

Different parts of your commercial building require different types of painting, and using the wrong kind of paint might lead to a disaster. When preparing for your commercial painting, work with your painting contractor to carefully choose the paint type for your interior and exterior painting. 

4. Using the Wrong Paint Color

The color of your paint plays a vital role in how the result will look. While you want your building to stand out with beautiful paint, you also need to avoid using a color that will be an eyesore. You can use color psychology in choosing the right color for your commercial building or work with a professional painter.

5. Improper Planning

Embarking on your commercial painting without proper planning can result in unexpected delays. Unexpected occurrences such as bad weather, material shortage, and late delivery can cause delays in your project and cause you to spend more time than you prepared for. 

Work With a Professional Painting Contractor in Indianapolis

The best way to avoid mistakes in your commercial painting in Indianapolis is to hire a professional painting contractor like Walla Painting.

Walla Painting is a leading painting company in Indianapolis, providing reliable residential and commercial painting services to help homeowners and business owners keep their buildings fresh and attractive. 

With Walla Painting, you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results at reasonable prices.

Contact Walla Painting at 317-665-7045 or visit their website.

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