October 10

Prioritizing Painting Your Rooms

Prioritizing painting your rooms isn't something you hear very often, but if you are going to paint your house, it's something you should think about. Painting your home is one of the least expensive ways to redecorate any room.  It is also a job that is time-consuming and interrupts your daily life. You need to move furniture, cover furniture, protect your flooring, and prep the walls for painting.  You will be without the rooms and spaces that are used the most and must deal with paint fumes throughout your home.

When you’re planning to paint the whole house, it’s a good idea to be strategic when taking on a project this big.  When painting the interior of your home, it's important to have a game plan in place before you begin. Part of that plan should be a prioritization of the rooms in your home, from the most used and necessary rooms to the least. This strategy can break it down into smaller pieces, allowing you to “live” in the home with the least interruptions.

How to Decide Which Rooms Get Painted First

prioritizing painting

To help you prioritize the order of your rooms for painting, it helps to know why you are painting them in the first place. Are you updating your home for resale purposes? Want to change the decor to a more modern look?

Whatever the reasons, consider the impact the paint projects will have on your day-to-day living. Paint the rooms that make the biggest impact or have the highest priority first: Your bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen.


Painting the bedrooms first allows you to get your furniture back in place so you can sleep and relax.  It’s one of the areas in your home that is used day in and day out. Before the painting begins, bedroom furniture may need to be removed. While painting the bedroom, the smell of paint can be noxious at times. You may need to sleep in another room for a night or two if the paint fumes bother you.


This is one of the most utilized rooms in all homes. If your home has more than one full bathroom, you can paint one at a time, so that the one being painted can be off-limits.

If you only have one full bathroom, painting it first will get it out of the way so you can use the facilities and get back to normal. This provides some sense of order while the rest of the house is being painted.


When a kitchen is being painted, it limits you from cooking and having regular meals with your family. Take-out food can become expensive depending on the amount of time it takes to paint the kitchen. Beginning with painting the kitchen can give you back your daily routine. If you plan on ordering take-out, make sure to get rid of any perishable food items that may spoil and create bad odors in your kitchen.

It’s a good idea to plan on not using the kitchen at all while it’s being painted. This will expedite the process. Ideas for your family during this time may include:

  • Select a day to eat all meals out.
  • Stock up on ready to serve meals like cereals and sandwiches.
  • If possible, have a microwave and refrigerator in another area of the house.
  • Eat meals in the dining room or on trays in the family or living room.

Living Room

The living room is typically a large room that requires furniture and other items to be removed. It would not be wise to start with this room because it will take some time to paint. Painting this room towards the end of the project is the best solution. There is no need to rush painting the living room because you should have the rest of the house completed already.

Laundry Room

Save the laundry room for last. It is smaller and can be painted quickly.  A laundry room isn’t a high-priority room, so there’s no rush to get it painted with the other rooms of your home. 

Store all clothes hampers and dirty clothes in other rooms where the paint is already dry. This way, your clothes won't take on that paint smell, which can stick to you for days or weeks afterward. Don’t forget to wash all your clothes before you start painting this room to ensure you have enough to last until the paint dries completely.

Relax and Let the Pros Handle It

call walla painting

Painting your home is tough work, especially if you decide to do it yourself. Don’t spend days or weeks on a painting project. Call Walla Painting to do the job for you.

Our crew leaders will coordinate with you each day to prioritize the areas that can be painted as a group simultaneously. This minimizes disruption of the entire household. We only use paints that have very little odor so that you can remain in the home during the process. You’ll be able to use the painted area in less than a day. We also have an option for zero odor (VOC) paints.

We can handle all the prep work so you can relax and tend to your daily life.  Our team of professional painters will have your home back to normal in no time. Contact us today for your next painting project.


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