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The Top 5 Paint Color Trends For 2020


A fresh coat of paint is a simple and cost-effective way to refresh a home’s interior. Choosing the right paint color can be a challenge, especially knowing that you’ll be living with it for the next few years. Perhaps reviewing the paint color trends for 2020 will give you some ideas.

The New and Lasting Colors

People are always looking for new color ideas for their home. Color can transform a room. The current paint color trends are soft and organic. The recurring theme this year is nature and tranquility using colors that resemble natural elements. Some of the new colors for 2020 range from soft blushes to earthy greens.

paint color

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

1. Green

The color green represents tranquility and good health. It helps create a calming effect in a space.  Paint colors such as privilege green or mint condition give a sense of airiness to any size space.

These light colors can be used for modern or traditional decor. Cushing green can be used on walls and cabinets. These greens are light and delicate colors that make rooms soft and inviting. If you want to bring nature inside your home, acacia haze is a paint color that gives a calming feel to a room, It also pairs well with an off white color.

2. Earth Tones

Bring some color into your home with hues that resemble natural elements. Earth tones provide a sense of warmth and security. Cavern clay is a hue that resembles the desert or clay, with a peach-colored undertone. This color is best used as an accent color.  Places to put this color include hallways or an entryway door.

Canyon clay paint

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

3. Pale Pinks

Blush pinks promote feelings of happiness and creativity. Fancy Pink is a soft subtle paint color that coordinates well with blues and greens. Gold accent pieces on the wall or a table complement these playful pinks perfectly. You’ll be sure to make a strong style statement with a pale pink paint color.

Fancy pink paint

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

4. Blue

Not all color trends are new. Some paint colors are timeless.  Blue is one of the most popular colors among many homeowners. This color will never go out of style. It is used in every space of a home, from the bedroom to the kitchen. No matter the shade, blue paint colors will always remain a favorite.

A new trend in home decor is incorporating a warm blue paint color.  A warm blue has yellow undertones. In the kitchen, blue cabinets can be accessorized with gold or brass hardware. You can warm it up with a beige or light gray color.

Georgian Bay paint

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

5. Gray

Neutral colors will never go out of style. Grey paint colors are still going strong because it can be used in every room and with any decor.  The possibilities are endless. There are cooler shades with blue or green undertones, as well as warm hues with hints of orange, red, or brown.

These undertones can make a hue look dramatically different. Soft, pale grays should be used if you want a neutral shade other than white. Darker shades of gray can create drama in an interior space or on a home’s exterior.  

Network Gray paint

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Stay Away from These Paint Colors

Whether you’ve decided to paint your home to enhance your living environment or to prepare it for potential buyers to see, choosing the right color scheme is important. To narrow your paint color options, here are a few paint colors to avoid.

Black. Painting any wall in your home the color black is risky. Consider the size of the room. Black paint color tends to make a room appear smaller.  Black also absorbs lighting, making a room even darker. A black accent wall may be acceptable, as long as the rest of the room is painted in light or neutral colors.

Bright Yellow.  Bright colors are good choices for kitchens, but a bright yellow is over the top. If yellow is the color you want, choose a very light shade, like glad yellow.

Fire-engine red: Red paint color in a room makes a defining style statement.  It brings energy into a room, however, if too bright, it can be over-stimulating.  Additionally, saturated shades of red tend to bring the walls inward, making the room feel smaller. Choose a muted red for a more subtle and relaxed feeling.  

Change the Mood with a New Paint Color

If you’re ready to redecorate your home, contact the painting professionals at Walla Painting for your next painting project.  Our experienced painters can transform the exterior and interior of any home. We offer expert color consultations through Sherwin Williams to help you choose the best shade for your home. Contact us today for a free quote.


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