Tile Backsplash

No kitchen is complete without a great looking backsplash. A backsplash adds the finishing touches to the countertop area, while also serving to protect the walls from water and spills. There are so many styles, designs and colors to choose from to make your kitchen pop. Your backsplash can be functional while also being stylish and reflecting your individual personality.

Let the Professionals Install Your Backsplash

Let’s face it: some home projects can be considered as DIY. You may think you can try installing the backsplash yourself. But when you look at the pros and cons of doing that, you’ll realize that the better choice is to hire a professional.

Probably the main reason you’d choose to install the backsplash yourself is to save some money. While you will save on initial labor costs, consider the other factors that will be impacted.

  • Quality. Unless you’ve installed backsplashes before, you’re really playing it by ear. Even if you have done a backsplash installation in the past, the details of the project were likely different (measurements, design, etc.) Sure, you can find how-to videos that may help you, but they are no substitute for professional training and experience. The results may be less than perfect, or you may even have to re-do the project or hire a professional to fix the issues.
  • Time. If you have a “real” job, you’ll be doing the backsplash project during your off time. That means sacrificing time with family and friends, as well as activities you actually enjoy doing. And because you’re an amateur and likely doing the project in your spare time, the duration of the project will be extended. Your kitchen will have limited functionality during that time.
  • Expertise. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to be able to expertly design and install your backsplash. You may not even be aware of some of the awesome alternatives you have to make it unique and personal. And it’s not only installed beneath cabinets; you may want to also have it behind appliances, which is additionally challenging.
  • Liability. What happens if you injure yourself or cause damage during your DIY project? You’ll be responsible for medical and repair bills. A reputable professional will be licensed, bonded and insured, meaning they will be responsible for any damages they incur.


The process is simple, it will only take a moment

Walla Painting Can Design and Install the Backsplash of Your Dreams

Walla design experts can help create a color scheme and design to complement other components of your kitchen. We will meet with you to determine your goals, then draw up plans for your approval.

We can either use materials you already have or purchase them for you. We work with all types and styles of backsplash tiles including ceramic, mosaic, subway, porcelain, penny, glass, stone, marble and more. Tile is the most popular choice for backsplashes because it is easy to clean, affordable and is available in many shapes and materials.

Best of all, Walla can complete the entire project from start to finish in just 4 days! You’ll have a beautiful backsplash, ready to use and for others to admire.

Get the Beautiful Kitchen You Deserve

Whether you only need a new backsplash installed, or are looking for an entire Kitchen Refresh, Walla is here to help. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


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