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What Color House Has Traditionally Sold The Best?

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When it comes to selling a house, color plays a significant role in potential buyers’ perceptions, which can ultimately impact the sale price. Market analyses and expert opinions continuously assess the relationship between a house’s exterior color and its appeal on the market. Certain colors have consistently been identified as more likely to result in a quicker sale and, in some instances, even increase the property’s value.

Below, we’ll answer the question of which color house has traditionally sold the best while keeping an eye on market trends and buyer preferences for different regions. 

What Color House Sells Best?

The choice of house color has a tangible effect on the potential sale price of a home, with certain hues leading to better outcomes than others. This section dives into real-world studies and professional insights to understand the relationship between house color and sales performance.

House Colors and Resale Value

Various studies have been conducted to understand the impact of house color on sales. A notable study of over 135,000 homes by Zillow Digs found that white and beige exteriors tend to receive the highest boost in resale value

Additionally, gray and blue were also shown to perform well in terms of sale price. On the contrary, homes with a red exterior frequently sold for less.

Can The Color of Doors Impact Sale Price?

Real estate experts often emphasize the importance of color choice when preparing a house for sale. According to a report by Zillow, homes with doors painted in neutral tones like charcoal and smoky hues can increase the selling price by a significant margin. 

Moreover, industry professionals agree that trending exterior colors can change over time, but the key is choosing shades that appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.

Market Trends and Buyer Preferences

When homebuyers browse the market, certain exterior colors are more likely to catch their eye. Classic neutrals have stood the test of time, with shades like white, gray, and beige dominating the palette of best-selling homes. These colors offer a clean and versatile backdrop, making it easy for potential buyers to envision their style within the house’s walls.

Moving from the classic choices, earth tones have gained favor for their ability to impart a warm and inviting atmosphere. Colors such as warm browns, deep greens, and soft terracottas connect the property with the surrounding landscape, giving it an organic appeal.

Incorporating region-specific colors and strategically chosen accent tones can greatly increase a home’s curb appeal. Homeowners looking to sell in any market would do well to consider these color strategies for the best chance of a quick and profitable sale.

What Color House Sells Best in Indiana? 

Local factors also play a significant role in color selection. For example, homes in the greater Indianapolis area might integrate colors that respond well to the city’s mix of seasons, reflecting either the warmth of fall or the crispness of winter. Color preferences can also mirror the architectural styles prevalent in a region, making some colors more saleable due to their harmony with local aesthetics.

The Indianapolis real estate market, known for these distinctive seasons and historic architecture, sees particular favor for timeless and neutral tones. Classic shades such as white have consistently held market dominance due to their universal appeal and ability to enhance the architectural traits of a property. The clean and traditional appearance that white exteriors provide is particularly beneficial for property value and curb appeal.

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