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Will Painting My Home Increase Its Value?

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One of the cheapest ways to add value to a home is to paint it. First impressions of a home come as soon as you park in the driveway or walk up to the front door. If the appearance of the exterior looks dull or faded, or the paint is flaking, potential buyers could easily turn away. 

The exterior of your home must be painted whenever there is fading, peeling, cracking, or chipping.  These issues can pose a problem for home appraisals and home inspections. A fresh coat of paint is cost-effective, adds curb appeal, and can completely change the look of a house.

According to Consumer Reports, painting the exterior of your home has the potential to add a 3-5% increase in value. Whether you are looking to sell or stay put, the first impression from buyers and neighbors should be positive.  If you’re planning to sell your home soon, a fresh coat of paint will provide an immediately updated look.

Colors That Boost Value

Not sure what color to paint the exterior of your home?  Here are some tips to help homeowners choose the best colors that will help boost home value.  The character of the neighborhood, landscape, type of home should also be considered when choosing an exterior paint color.  If you live in an area that is managed by an HOA, they may have restrictions, as well, so be sure to check that out before deciding.

In general, light colors, such as white or off-white make homes look bigger.  They provide a clean look. Beige or neutral colors blend well in landscaped yards and neighborhoods.

The color scheme you choose will be instrumental in raising your home’s appeal and its value.

  • White: The safest color. Soaks up light. Paint trim with a bold color.
  • Beige: Family of neutral colors includes taupe and putty. Blends well in wooded or well-landscaped neighborhoods.
  • Gray: Deep blue-gray has a nautical feel to it. This looks great with white trim.
  • Blue: Light blue provides a tranquil effect.
  • Yellow: The color yellow exudes happiness. Stick with a pale shade to attract potential buyers.
  • Cypress Green: A neutral green and gray mix.

Zillow Paint Colors Analysis compared certain paint colors and their impact on the average sale price of a home. According to the report, homes with black or charcoal gray front doors sold for more than expected by $6,271; the highest of all color combinations combined.

Architectural Styles and Color

The design style of your home is important when considering painting the exterior.  A ranch-style home will not have the same color scheme as a Victorian style home.

  • Ranch Style. For this traditional style. warm earthy tones like brown or beige are perfect.
  • Bungalow. Shades of gray provide a classic look.  Blues and yellows offer a more modern look.
  • Cape Cod.  These types of homes often have pops of bright colors as accents on trim, shutters, and doors.
  • Victorian. This style of architecture usually contains bright and bold colors. It’s not uncommon to see 3 or 4 different colors used to accent all the unique details on these homes.
  • Tudor. A traditional color palette includes white and darker brown or black trim.


A quick update to shutters or trim lends itself to a cost-effective fresh look. Exterior paint colors should complement the colors of other materials of your home such as the roof, brick, or stone.  An exterior paint scheme should be made up of at least three colors: field, trim and accent colors.

  1. Field colors make up most of the exterior surface of the house.  The color chosen helps in deciding the right color of the trim and accent.
  1. The trim includes corner boards, window trim, gutters, downspouts, and rakes. Choosing a trim color can be tricky. The safe route is painting the trim features a lighter color than the field color.
  1. Accent colors make a color scheme “pop”. It helps draw attention to certain features of a house.  The doors, shutters, window frames and other architectural features are good for accent colors. 

DIY or a Professional?

Some exterior paint jobs, such as window frames, can be a DIY project; however, a full exterior paint job should be handled by professionals.  Walla Painting has the necessary equipment and experience to handle any residential painting request.  Any exterior area of your home can look like new with a fresh paint job: garage, deck, fence, or front door.

We only use Sherwin Williams paints because they are superior in quality and are available in a wide range of colors. They are very low VOC (low odor) paints which means they are safe for your family and the environment.

Contact Walla Painting for a free estimate for all your painting needs.


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