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With the holiday season winding down, many of us are trying to clean up the mess that was left behind from all the traffic of family, friends, food, and decorations. It’s time to focus on getting your home back for the new year.  We all want our homes to look their best but finding the time and energy to get that growing to-do list completed can be daunting.

If the walls, baseboards, or trim inside your home has taken a beating, refreshing them with paint is the best way to make them look new again. You can hire a professional painter to tackle your list of smaller paint projects before you buy any new furniture or put up new decor.

The Painter for a Day program offered by Walla Painting allows homeowners the opportunity to use a full-service painting company without the full-service costs. Painting, staining, minor repairs, or painting interior trim can all get done with this program.

What Exactly Is the Painter for a Day Service?

Painting companies offer customers a professional painter to tackle interior projects that they can complete in a day’s time.  These smaller tasks are usually those that do not require an estimate or a full paint crew. The painter is available for up to 8 hours for smaller painting and staining tasks such as trim or painting a door.

You provide a list of tasks to the painter, who will furnish the supplies needed for each project. If you prefer, you can supply the paint needed. This is applicable for projects like touch-ups, where you have leftover paint.

Some painting companies can provide more than one painter depending on the amount of work that needs to get done.  At Walla Painting, we can assign two painters to complete a larger number of tasks needed.  

When the painter arrives, they will go over your task list with you. Then they will ask you to prioritize them because they may not all get done within the allotted 8 hours (or 4 hours if two painters are there). Some companies charge by the hour if your to-do list takes longer.

What You Get When Hiring a Painter for a Day

Your designated painter can get those projects completed that have been nagging you for months. They perform touch-ups where paint has either chipped, cracked, or worn off.  Keep in mind that the last tasks of the day may not get finished if time runs out, so prioritizing projects is important.

The Painter for a Day service includes:

  • An efficient and professional painter
  • All the necessary supplies and tools: tape, brushes, paint rollers, spot primers, repair compounds, drop cloths and paint
  • Eight hours of quality work on the projects of your choice
  • Attention to detail
  • No callback visits
  • There are usually no travel charges involved
  • A thorough cleanup of project areas
  • Custom colors are usually supplied by the customer
Painter For A Day 2

Examples of more small interior projects in the service include:

  • Repair damaged woodwork
  • Perform minor repairs. Touch up drywall cracks.
  • Seal and paint a water-stained ceiling
  • Paint baseboards, window sills, and trim
  • Paint a guest bathroom or one bedroom
  • Paint or stain interior doors
  • Paint accent walls
  • Paint a home office
  • Spruce up high-traffic areas: kitchens, hallways or entryways
  • Paint hard to reach areas: vaulted ceilings, stairwells

Costs and Other Specifics

Your list of painting projects should be discussed as well as cost before they arrive.

At Walla Painting, we charge a flat rate of $320 per painter for an 8-hour day. Other specifics that need to be discussed include:

  • Job priorities.  Identify the projects you want done first and go from there.
  • Restroom use preferences for painters
  • Availability of a work sink
  • Type and color of paint or stain to be used. Some paint companies charge extra for them to bring their paint.
  • Travel or lunch break charges
  • Hourly charge for work beyond eight hours
  • Extra fees; for example, painting rooms with high ceilings or for moving light furniture

How Can We Help You?

If you don’t have the time to complete those small paint projects, let Walla Painting handle them for you. We offer our Painter for a Day service during our slow periods, especially during the cold winter months.

We will send one of our painting professionals to your home or business to complete the work you’ve been putting off.  Give us a call today to discuss your to-do list.


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