What Is a Painter for a Day?

Painting can be a long, messy, cumbersome process. To protect all the areas that aren't being painted, it is necessary to use tape, drop cloths, and clothing covers. Even then, the process itself can take a long time. The area undergoing the paint job will not be available for the entire time the area is going through the process of being painted.

With Painter for a Day, you can avoid all that and just use the services of a painter for a full workday's worth of work. That way, you don't have to lose that workspace or room that you need access to for very long.

Examples of Painter for a Day Services

Many of the people who take advantages of the Painter for a Day service don't need a full-service job. They only need part of a job or specific services. These may include:

  • Touch up work on places where the paint is chipped or worn off
  • Accent walls, especially where the colors are different from the central part of the room
  • Entry doors or interior doors that need to be stained or painted
  • Paint or touch up the trim or baseboards, including the areas around the floor and windows.
  • Paint the interior of one room.
  • Exterior trim which has become faded from sun and weather
  • Or many other kinds of smaller jobs!

Some of our customers actually keep a running list of painting projects they’d like us to tackle for them. One day at a time, they call on us to come in and beautify their homes. While working through that list bit by bit doesn’t produce the same immediate and radical change as you’d get by doing it all at once, our customers love knowing they’re making progress.

What Do Painter for a Day Services Include?

When you arrange to have the services of our Painter for a Day, you are essentially hiring one painter for 8 hours-worth of work. The effort may actually take more than one person, but that is the equivalent amount of work offered with the service. For example, two workers would do 4 hours-worth of effort. If the work requires more than 8 hours for one person to complete the cost will increase.

Whatever job you need us to do, our professional painters will make completing it a priority within the required amount of time. We will bring our paint truck which holds all our professional supplies, including high-quality brushes, tools, and paint.

At Walla Painting, we understand that your time and resources are valuable. You shouldn't have to pay for anything you don't want, and you should be able to get what you pay for. With Painter for a Day, you can get all the advantages of a full-service painting crew without paying for an extended job. Contact us today so we can give you an estimate and get started on your next project.


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