Painting your home is an important investment you can make to keep the value of your house even if you never intend to move. Retaining the value of your home by hiring exterior painting pros is important for several reasons:

  • Your home is probably your biggest asset.
  • You can save in costly repairs down the road by doing regular maintenance.
  • You can help keep your neighborhood safer by keeping the value of your own home up, as it will be part of how your neighborhood is assessed.

The only question then is how often you really need to paint the exterior of your home.

How Can You Tell When Your Home Needs exterior painting?

Many people don't realize that the paint you use on the exterior of your house has an expiration date, and so they don't paint as often as they should. Depending on what kind of paint you used, that time could be long past. The higher the quality of paint, the longer it is likely to last. Especially if you weren't the one to paint last time, you might not realize the paint is past its due date.

You should keep the outside coated well to protect it from the elements. Indiana has extreme temperatures, almost like Mother Nature's trying to get all the seasons in from one day to the next. Your home is better protected from sun, wind and drastic temperature changes when you have protected the exterior with high-quality paint. If you need repairs on the outside of your home, you will probably need to paint that area at least.

What You Can Expect from Walla Painting

It may not be very noticeable, but houses tend to accumulate a fantastic amount of dirt and debris from outside forces. Our first step before painting your home’s exterior will be to power wash the outside of the building. Then we fully inspect and assess the surfaces of the building to ensure all the necessary prep-work is completed before any paint is applied.

After that, we scrape off any loose paint. There is no need to remove old paint if it is secure. We caulk all gaps and cracks in the trim before we paint, which is just as important as painting. Painting without proper caulking will lead to moisture getting into gaps and cause damage to your home’s exterior.

Finally, after these important preparation steps, we will apply your new, top quality exterior paint. At the end of every day, we will clean up, so the only sign we've been there is the smile on your face when you see our work.


The process is simple, it will only take a moment

Exterior Painting Services Make It Easy

We don't just help with the outside of your home. There are other structures you also need to protect, such as outside sheds or detached garages. We can also help you if you need to paint a fence or deck, and we have assisted customers in protecting their patios and patio covers with exterior paint. Doors, shutters, and window trim may take extra care but are crucially important to protect.

Keep Your Home Protected

Everyone can see the outside of your home, so you need it to look its best. Even beyond that, you need to protect your home from the outside forces threatening to wear it down. At Walla Painting, we help our customers to make the outsides of their homes and exterior structures look their best. We increase the curb appeal of the house by cleaning, painting, and finishing the job.

If you want to see how great your home can look, contact us today, and we can give you a free estimate for our services.

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