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Doing a good job painting your home's interior is possible with a lot of hard work but doing a great job will take the work of professionals. There are so many details, including corners and trim. It takes a true professional to make an interior painting job look completely seamless. You also need to make sure the paints and material you use are high quality, or you will just find yourself doing the same job again soon.

Interior painting is more than just buying paint and applying it to walls. Sanding, priming, taping, trimming—these and more are additional tasks you’ll need to consider. With all your other commitments and demands on your schedule, it could take a lot longer than you want. This can tie up the rooms for days, weeks or months! Do you really want to be painting instead of spending your time doing something you enjoy?


You know that when you look at your home and the colors are dingy and faded that you aren't happy. But not everyone realizes how much the colors of their interior walls can change the way they feel daily. Different colors invoke different moods, and you can change the colors inside your home to bring more peace and happiness for yourself and your family.

Psychologists say that these colors have a specific influence on your mood:

Gray is our most popular color. It’s considered the “new beige”, neutral enough for most color schemes and decorating, but an alternative to using the same old beige that's been around forever.

Black absorbs light and has negative connotations in our culture, so it is not a good color to use indoors.

Blue, on the other hand is a popular color that helps people feel more peaceful and serene. That is why many people deliberate shades of blue for their bedrooms.

Yellow is a cheery and warm color, so it is often used in rooms like dining rooms, where people gather to share a meal and conversation.

Orange may seem like an odd choice for the interior of a home, but it draws attention and makes people feel energetic and enthusiastic. This might be another good color for a living area.

The psychology of colors means that you can use the interior of your home both as a place of beauty and as a retreat where you can enjoy peaceful moods. Changing the colors of your home can also make you feel revitalized, as you have probably discovered when redecorating in the past.

Picking Your Colors is the Fun Part

Who doesn’t get a little excited looking at paint chips? With so many possibilities, it’s fun to play with different color schemes and imagine what the finished room will look like. And if all these options overwhelm you and you can’t decide, Walla Painting offers color consulting through Sherwin-Williams. For a charge of only $45, you’ll get an hour and a half of consultation if you mention that Walla Painting will be doing the work.

But as most of our customers would agree, deciding on the colors is the fun part. From preparation to clean-up, What comes afterward is a lot of work! If you’d rather skip the parts of the process that come after picking a color, and just go right to the grand unveiling of your new room, it’s best to just hire a professional painter. That way, you get the enjoyment of planning your color scheme without the mess, sore muscles, and lost weekends involved in doing it yourself.


The process is simple, it will only take a moment

Interior Painting that Makes You Smile

We only use professional painters at Walla Painting, and they only use the highest quality tools and paints that are safe for your pets and your family. We want every person who looks at the completed project to admire the job we did and wish they could have a home like yours.

At Walla Painting, we understand how important your home is, and we pay attention to your needs throughout the project. From the initial consultation to the thorough clean-up we do when we finish, we want you to feel like the valued customer that you are. If you are thinking about freshening up your home, or if you want to try out a new color, give us a call today, and we can give you a free consultation.

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