Color Consultations

One of the biggest challenges of a painting project is choosing the right color. There are thousands of shades and hues available. Although it’s great to have a wide selection, it can also make the decision stressful.

Most homeowners struggle to decide on a color based on those small paint chips that are available in most paint stores. How will it look on the entire wall or in an entire room? It’s hard to tell without seeing the end result, and by that time, it’s too late.

That’s why Walla Painting offers professional color consultations to help in choosing the right shades of paint for your home. Our consultants are knowledgeable and experienced in choosing the best colors and shades that will work for you

Why Paint Color Is Important

Color is an inherent part of our everyday lives. Just walking into a room can change your mood or attract your attention simply by its colors. So, choosing the right color can make a big difference in the ambiance of the space.

Colors also reflect personal style and preference. You may be interested in the latest color trends or prefer the more traditional hues. Either way, the result is an extension of your personality.

Choosing colors is sometimes the most difficult part of a painting job. When picking the best color options, you must choose colors that complement the colors of furniture, decorations, and other components that already exist in your home. Picking the wrong color could cause it to clash with the existing household colors.

 Lighting and shadows can make a color that you really liked in your friend's or family member's home look completely different in your home. Furthermore, a color in your home can look a certain way in one room, then look completely different in another room with different lighting and decorations. Moreover, a color can look different from one wall to the next based on lighting and shadows!


The process is simple, it will only take a moment

How Walla Painting Can Help You Choose the Right Paint Colors

Each primary color has hundreds of shades within it. Even though you may have an idea of the basic color you want, you may need help deciding what exact hues will look best, whether you want accent walls or trim, or need guidance in putting it all together.

If you’ve signed up to receive our entire Kitchen Refresh package, Walla can help tie all three components – cabinets, countertops and backsplash – together. Without a professional eye for color, it can be hard to envision how the end result will look. We can help with this.

Our professional color consultation experts will sit down with you to determine your goals and preferences, the intended use of the space to be painted, existing décor and colors, and any other criteria affecting color choices.

With our in-home color and design consulting we make the process of choosing colors and materials for your project easy and, dare we say, fun. We will use our expertise to guide you to form a cohesive palette of colors and design options to help your home have the natural complementary flow. We will present our recommendations to you for your review and approval.

Contact Walla today to learn how we can take the stress out of choosing the right paint colors for your next paint project.

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