June 16

Refreshing a Kitchen Can Make It Look New Again


Today’s homeowners expect high value at a reasonable price. When it comes to updating the kitchen, the cost of remodeling can get out of hand. There is an alternative that costs less money and takes less time. Walla Painting now offers a service called Kitchen Refresh. The package includes cabinet painting, backsplash, countertop refinishing, and a color consultation.

This is a more affordable option for homeowners who love the layout of their kitchen but want an updated look without breaking the bank. The combination of changes included in this kitchen makeover comes with a lot of indecision, especially when it comes to color schemes. With the Kitchen Refresh package, an experienced color consultant can serve as a guide so the client is not overwhelmed.

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The Kitchen Refresh Advantage

There are several reasons to opt for a kitchen refresh over a complete kitchen remodel. The major benefits of getting a kitchen refresh package come down to time and money. A kitchen remodeling project takes at least 6 weeks to complete. The kitchen will be off-limits during that entire time. With a Kitchen Refresh, families will only need to sacrifice 1-2 weeks for an updated kitchen.

Renovating a kitchen can be expensive depending on the changes made to the layout, cabinets, countertops, and other design elements. Getting the Kitchen Refresh package can save a good chunk of money that can be used for new appliances or to repaint or update another area of the home.

It's Time for a Kitchen Update

It’s normal to want to update different rooms from time to time, especially the kitchen. The average kitchen renovation project could easily cost over $30,000. If remodeling budgets can’t accommodate this large of an investment, a Kitchen Refresh is a more pocket-friendly option. Here are some reasons to get that Kitchen Refresh project going.


  • Paint flaking and peeling. The culprit could be failed paint adherence or exposure to excess moisture. A new coat of paint can restore them once again.
  • Paint stained or fading. Cabinets can look dull when the paint or finish begins to fade. It is an indicator that low-quality paint was used that has less concentration of coloring pigments and binders.
  • Cabinets look dated. A Kitchen Refresh would modernize a kitchen with newly painted cabinets. Don’t be stuck in the 1980s with old kitchen cabinets.
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  • Stubborn stains, scratches, or burn marks. Not being able to remove stains or burn marks by scrubbing is a sure sign they need to be refinished. Scratches can also be removed by refinishing the countertops.
  • Old style and finish. Outdated countertops can make your entire kitchen appear old and dull. Refinishing existing countertops can create a beautiful updated look. A new finish that imitates the look of higher-end materials, like granite and quartz, can be much less expensive than the real thing. Walla uses specialized paint for their countertop refinishing services. The product is unique in that it consists of randomly distributed flecks of paint that can replicate the look of granite, cork, leather, and stone.


  • Other kitchen updates. The backsplash needs to complement the new changes that have been made in the kitchen. If the existing backsplash does not mesh with the rest of the room, it should be replaced.
  • The kitchen is outdated. To keep any space updated, it should reflect current styles. Some trendier styles include bright colors or textured tiles.
  • Damages. Mistakes and accidents always happen in the kitchen. Replacing cracked backsplash is a simple and cost-effective solution.


The process is simple, it will only take a moment

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