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5 Tips for Painting Aluminum Siding


Over the years, a home’s exterior can become faded due to constant exposure to the elements. Harsh UV rays, rain, wind, and snow can damage siding, leaving your home vulnerable to moisture penetration. A fresh coat of paint protects your siding while improving your home’s curb appeal and adding value. 

Why Paint Aluminum Siding?

paint aluminum siding

Many homeowners aren’t aware that aluminum siding is an excellent surface for repainting. Some homeowners choose to replace aluminum with other products but aluminum has several advantages. Aluminum doesn’t rust or rot, is fireproof, and unlike wood, it’s insect proof. High-quality aluminum siding is also extremely durable. However, like any type of exterior siding product, it can begin to fade or look worn over time. 

Strong and durable aluminum siding can easily last 40 years with regular maintenance. Repainting is required about every five years to maintain a fresh appearance. One benefit of aluminum siding is that it takes paint relatively well, making it fairly easy to maintain or even change the color of your home.

Aluminium siding was a popular option for many years and can still be found on homes built through the 1970s. If you’re considering buying a home with aluminum siding, a professional inspection can help you determine if it is in good condition or needs to be replaced. If your aluminum siding is in good shape, a new paint job may be all it needs to look like new again.

How to Successfully Paint Aluminum Siding

The key to any successful paint job is preparation. Here are five tips for painting aluminum siding:

1. Thoroughly Clean 

A good paint job starts with a clean surface. A chalky film often develops on the surface of aluminum siding over time. This film needs to be removed so that new paint adheres properly. Even if the siding isn’t chalking, the surface should be cleaned to remove dirt and any mold or mildew that may have built up. 

If your aluminum siding is particularly dirty, you may need to use a power washer to remove the buildup. The best way to avoid damaging your siding when power washing is to use the lowest setting and keep the nozzle at least 6-8 feet away from the surface. 

2. Prepare the Surface

If the paint on your aluminum siding is baked into the material from the factory, then you shouldn’t have peeling paint. But if the coating you’re painting over is not the original finish, make sure any loose or peeling paint is scraped and any uneven edges are sanded smooth. 

If you have small dents, pushing them out then repainting may work. If the dents are too deep or there are holes in a section of siding, that section should be replaced.

3. Use a Metal Primer

Selecting and applying the right primer sets the stage for a smooth coat of paint. Primer creates a sealant that prevents mildew or oxidation and it helps create a tackier surface for paint to adhere to. Oil-based primer tends to work better than latex on aluminum surfaces. Allow the primer at least 48 hours to dry before applying paint.

4. Select the Right Paint

Exterior acrylic latex paint is the best choice for painting aluminum siding. When choosing a finish, avoid anything too glossy that will attract attention to small dents or imperfections. Choosing a satin or eggshell finish is best. They are easier to clean and will resist stains far better than a flat finish. Let the paint dry for at least 48 hours between coats.

5. Time Your Work

Schedule your painting for a day that is mild and overcast. Hot or cold temperatures affect how quickly paint dries and can interfere with how well it adheres. Choose days that are forecasted to be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, as most latex paint won’t properly dry in colder temperatures. Remember to pay attention to nighttime temperatures as well so that paint dries properly. And of course, avoid painting on rainy or windy days. 

Renew Your Siding with a Professional Paint Job

There are many benefits to having your home’s exterior repainted. A high-quality paint job provides a protective coating that repels the elements. A new coat of paint extends the life of your siding and trim and can add to the resale value of your home. 

Painting exteriors can be complicated and time consuming. It takes years of experience in applying the right types of products and paints, along with access to proper tools and techniques to achieve professional looking results. Hiring a local professional painter will ensure the job is done safely and quickly.

Walla Painting is a locally owned business that specializes in residential painting. Our fully insured, bonded, and skilled painters are equipped to handle any size project. We are proud to have received the Angie’s List Super Service award 10 years in a row for our customer service and detailed workmanship.

We are here to serve Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Nobelsville, Fishers and McCordville homeowners. We offer residential interior and exterior painting, as well as cabinet and trim painting. Contact us online or at (317) 505-0894 for a free estimate.

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