December 20

Tired of Brass/Gold Fixtures

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Do you have brass/gold fixtures in your home? You’re tired of it and want to get rid of all the brass? But you don’t want to spend the money to replace everything that is brass?

As with most people, I grew tired of brass/gold fixtures in my house. The problem is: replacing all the door knobs, hinges, light fixtures, and miscellaneous items is quite expensive. You don’t realize how many items need to be replaced to change the theme in your home until you start to do it. Over time, I changed out all the door knobs and handles in my house, which was not cheap. When I started pricing out the cost to replace all the brass light fixtures in my home, I wasn’t feeling too great about the amount of money I would have to dump into this project. But then I saw a product at the hardware store that solved my problems.

It’s called Rust-Oleum Universal Advanced Formula Paint and Primer in One. It’s a mouth full, but it works great! It comes in all kinds of finishes including faux metals. I have a thing for satin and brushed nickel, so I went with Metallic Satin Nickel finish. As advertised, it sticks to everything: wood, metal, plastic, masonry. I picked up a few cans and headed home to start prepping my old light fixtures to become new transformations.


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