September 17

Kitchen Transformation


Jasmine wanted to give her kitchen a more open welcoming feeling. Their cabinets were stained with a cherry oak finish and they were wanting to take the cabinets to pure white. They wanted as smooth as possible factory finish. 

They decided to go with Walla after hearing about them on the next-door app. They had multiple companies provide specs and bids to refinish their kitchen. They appreciated the breakdown of Walla‘s process and they came in with the best price. 

We used Sherwin-Williams emerald urethane trim enamel semi gloss pure white and a seal grip bonding primer to ensure we blocked all the tannins from the stain. We applied two coats of primer and three finish coats of topcoat after a thorough prepping process. 

The kitchen is completely transformed with an ultra smooth pure white finish. “They did an absolutely fantastic job!” “I couldn’t be happier!”


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